Basic Scented Candle Making

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Difficulty: Beginner

In this course we’ll be having live for your on-demand access by end of October, you’ll be learning the basics of pouring your own scented candles! We’ll be working with a beeswax-coconut oil blend for the container candles in this course, but other types of candle waxes will also be discussed.

Avail of this course with the Starter Scented Candle Making kit, and get great pre-order discounts! We’ll start shipping out the kits by end of October as well.

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Basic Scented Candle Making

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sale ends November 30, 2020

Purchase this option, and get unlimited access to all the modules of this course!  Plus, have all your questions answered through the forums, which are exclusive for enrolled students!  scented candles, here we come!

Basic Scented Candle Making Course with Kit


Access this informative course, and get to follow along with everything you need!  By purchasing this option, you’ll get a full Starter Scented Candle Making Kit (valued at PHP 2,250.00) at a great bundle discount!

Make 2 150mL candles with our starter kit that has:

  • 320g, a beeswax-coconut oil wax blend
  • 30mL lemongrass essential oil, homegrown, and sourced from Bacolod
  • 2 200mL aluminum tins
  • 1 350mL stainless steel melting pot
  • 1 350mL stainless steel mixing pot
  • 1 stainless kitchen thermometer
  • 2 wick-centering sticks
  • 3 pre-waxed, tabbed and stickered wicks
  • 1 50mL glass measuring beaker
  • Instructional leaflet, with simple and easy steps on how to properly add fragrance to container candles

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